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What is an Icon? An Icon is someone who is willing to push themselves harder than the average person, who knows that the only thing in the way of the body they want is on the outside of their comfort zone and they're willing to take themselves there in order to change! They're committed to taking everything I throw their way and to have a laugh in the process!


The schedule will comprise of five 50 minute classes from Monday to Friday plus a 40 minute pre recorded stretch class and a 30 minute bodyweight hiit class on Sunday. The workouts will be posted the night before for people wanting to do the classes early in the morning before work. 

For the sessions you will need two dumbbells. If you have a selection - fantastic, but two dumbbells is ample. I'd also advise a resistance band and mini band as well which are easy and quick to get hold of on Amazon.

These classes are for all abilities but you all have to have one thing in common... the desire to work hard and feel the burn!


Access to the weekday classes is available only to those who've purchased the ICON'S ONLY package. 

Once purchased you will have continuous access to the members area and workouts. 


So what are you waiting for?

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